Services We Offer
Let Us take the guess work out of your Technology Problems.

When you hire us, we offer all services at either an Hourly Rate(1 Hr. Minimum) 
or a By Project Rate.

  • Software Design and Development
  • Network Maintenance, Upgrade, Installation
  • Computer Design and Construction(Charged as a by Project Rate only)
  • IT Consultation
  • Server Maintenance and Setup
  • Program Installation and Upgrades
  • Software Maintenance 
  • Desktop and End User Support, in person or via remote
  • Database Management

Hourly Rates

Software Design and Development


This hourly rate includes the cost for designing a program as per customer request as well as the creation of that said program.

IT Consultation


This hourly rate includes the cost for the time in which is spent for advising on how best to use information technology to meet your specific needs.

IT Services


This Hourly rate includes all services listed below:
  • Network Management
  • Desktop and End-User Support
  • Server Maintenance and Setup
  • Software Installation and Upgrades
  • Software Maintenance
  • Database Management